Three Ranger Tree Service

Servicing the Greater Columbus Area


Exceptional Service At An Affordable Price

Quality Tree Service For All Your Needs


We use the latest industry standards and equipment to ensure a safe removal while minimizing grass and yard damage.


We ensure to follow all ISA (International Society of Arborculture) standards to preserve the longevity of your trees.

Plant Health Care (PHC) Service

Only tree service in the Columbus region to offer customers a comprehensive program to track the progress and health of their trees.

Searching for an Emergency Tree Service?

When people across the Greater Columbus area need their trees maintained or removed safely, they turn to Three Ranger Tree Service! Why do they choose us consistently?Because our team is committed to two things: healthy trees and satisfied customers. What sets us apart is more than our experience, our equipment, or ability to provide exceptional service. All of these things are driven by our philosophy.

Our team of professional arborists are not just dedicated to doing our job—we’re committed to providing a service that benefits both our customers and the environment. It’s why we provide email price estimates. It's faster and more convenient for you, but also makes our processes less dependent on using paper. In short, our company believes that we’re not just providing a great tree service—we’re helping make the world a healthier, more beautiful place!



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